Miami University students invent mobile food donation app to target young crowd

Story excerpt provided by WCPO Cincinnati.

Written by Taylor Mirfendereski.

A group of Miami University students invented a way for you to select a can of beans, a box of cereal or even a carton of eggs to donate to your local food bank—all while never leaving your couch.

By downloading NomNom Nation, a free smartphone app that rolled out to Android users last week, people can allocate donations to listed items most needed by their local food bank.

“Some people don’t like giving to causes because they feel like they’re just blindly giving money to a cause,” said Brent Bielinski, the 25-year-old CEO of Cincinnati-based NomNom Nation, LLC. “This kind of allows people to get a similar experience to actually buying the food themselves and dropping it off.”

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Originally published May 6, 2014.

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