2014 Cool Tech Awards | Explorys, Coolest Company Finalist

Story excerpt provided by Inside Business Magazine.

Written by Heide Aungst.

Walk into the offices of Explorys in the former space of the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland and everything oozes cool.

There are hip, open workspaces designed for collaboration and nooks and crannies to get away. Remnants of a staff lunch sit for the taking in the kitchen.

Workers wear jeans and Beats headphones; two are playing pingpong. Everything in the vending machine costs a quarter, and cabinets are filled with free Advil and other sundries an employee might need.

Mention what they do — data — and some eyes might glaze over. But this kind of data isn’t for number-crunching nerds. It’s big data — massive amounts — used for both research and clinical purposes to better understand and improve health.

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Originally published November 2014.

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