5 Interesting Startups from the Midwest

Story excerpt provided by Inc.

Written by Drew Hendricks.

There’s a plethora of hot startups coming out of this part of the country, and they have some things their counterparts in Silicon Valley don’t: Some homegrown hospitality, lower over head/cost of living/small business taxes, and a little extra heart. If you’re a fellow entrepreneur, investor or looking for a job in an up and coming startup, it’s time to expand your horizon to the landlocked states…


Coming out of Cincinnati, Ohio, this is the ultimate road trip planning resource that focuses 100 percent on road travel. Most trip planning services are all about air travel, but with the influx of ride sharing and hybrids, it’s about time a road trip revival was made. The features work with iOS and Android, tapping into Google Maps for directions. Get instant insights into where to stop on trips from the best beaches to the weirdest attractions…

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Originally published November 3, 2014.

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