Northeast Ohio Capitalizes on Assets and Opportunities

Story excerpt provided by The Trust Belt.

Written by Jay Foran, Team Northeast Ohio (NEO).

The diversification of Northeast Ohio’s industrial base, the strength of our regional assets, and our long-standing ability to adapt, innovate and seize new opportunities are the keys to our region’s economic resilience and resurgence. It has allowed us to recover from the Great Recession more quickly than many other areas of the country and strengthened our ability to grow and attract businesses and investors. As proof of that, almost $13 billion in developments will take place in Northeast Ohio from 2009 to 2014. Companies from around the world are drawn here by our unique assets and centralized location. Established businesses, supported by a skilled workforce and business friendly environment, are making robust investments in their operations. New industry clusters are taking hold, and entrepreneurs continue to flourish and provide the world with new products and services.

…Nowhere is Northeast Ohio’s economic development ecosystem more evident than in its support of entrepreneurship, making it one of the best places in the country to start and grow an innovative business…

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