The Next Big Thing

Story excerpt provided by Toledo City Paper.

Written by Kelly Thompson and Michael Pierce.

Tech development is an essential part of Toledo, Ohio’s future. To make this future happen, however, our area has to overcome two significant barriers: A limited talent pool of people with these skillsets, and an aversion to taking risks when financing new business.

At age 10, Maumee student Jonathan Buchanan developed ChipTrading, a math-puzzle app that was picked up by the App Store in 2012. The University of Toledo’s Launchpad Incubation program has recently helped tech startups Roost, Petrichor and Hephaestus get attention from investors. Resources and opportunities for our tech community are springing up all over the city: Seed Coworking’s tech-based collaborative space resides in downtown Toledo and the Incubation program just hosted the most well-attended Pitch ‘n Pour event they’ve ever had. These events follow several decades of hard work and dedication from individuals who realized the benefits of pursuing technological development 15 or 20 years ago. But our city has more than just history or potential in the tech world; it has a future.

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Originally published November, 2014.

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