Case Western Reserve University’s new Venture Clinic puts patents in reach of rookie inventors

Story excerpt provided by The Plain Dealer.

Written by Robert L. Smith.

In a corner of a cluttered chemical engineering lab at Case Western Reserve University, Felipe Gomez del Campo V watched intently as a blue flame leapt from a slender fuel nozzle of his own design.

As the flame danced the young scientist dreamed.  He imagined his secret fuel technology propelling an airplane across the sky, firing jet engines with profoundly new efficiency.

There are plenty of eager young scientists such as Gomez del Campo at CWRU, a research university with a history of invention and discovery. What sets the 21 year old apart are his new credentials. He’s the holder of a patent application, something that could speed his idea from the lab to the aerospace industry.

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Originally published November 14, 2014.

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