Businesses along Cleveland’s Health-Tech Corridor imagine tapping world’s fastest Internet

Story excerpt provided by The Plain Dealer.

Written by Robert L. Smith.

By this time next year, Cleveland may offer the world’s fastest publicly available Internet service to enterprises along the Health-Tech Corridor, the 3-mile stretch of Euclid Avenue between PlayHouse Square and University Circle.

As The Plain Dealer first reported Wednesday, the non-profit broadband provider OneCommunity plans to thread the corridor with fiber optic cable capable of moving data at 100 gigabits per second. That’s more than 300 times faster than the average residential download speed.

Economic development officials are scheduled to announce details of the project this morning. But potential clients are already salivating at the coming digital feast. Here’s what some corridor players imagine doing with all that new speed.

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Originally published November 21, 2014.

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