Endeavor Forward Takes a Unique Approach as a Business Incubator

Story excerpt provided by The Metropreneur Columbus.

Written by Susan Post.

A concept over 18 months in the making, startups and entrepreneurs now have a new incubator program to help them build their business in Columbus. Luke Westerman of venture capital firm Solomon Global Holdings and a team of seasoned entrepreneurs introduce Endeavor Forward. Taking a hands-on approach to provide strategic direction and planning, the program quietly launched this spring and is now going public with big plans for growth over the next year.

“What we’ve got is something pretty original,” Westerman says. “One of the things we found was most of these accelerators/incubators would have kind of one track for startups. What we wanted to really deliberately do was create a lot of options for startups.”

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Originally published November 19, 2014.

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