Cleveland, Ohio startup CoverMyMeds achieved spectacular success by doing good

Story excerpt provided by The Plain Dealer.

Written by Robert L. Smith.

Sam Rajan did not set out to create a billion dollar company, a milestone he may be on his way to reaching. A pharmacist, he wanted to help sick people get their medicine. Stat.

It was 2005 and Rajan, the clinical director for a Solon healthcare manager, learned of clients with crippling ailments being turned away from pharmacy counters. Insurance companies had denied their requests for coverage, citing a lack of prior authorization.

When he met with a group of anxious patients, people battling Multiple Sclerosis without medicine, they had really one question for him.

“Why won’t they cover my meds?’ That’s what they asked us,” Rajan recalls. “That was the concept that launched us.”

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Originally published December 5, 2014.

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