Starting And Finishing In Columbus, Ohio

Story excerpt provided by TechCrunch.

Written by Web Smith.

Historically, a concentration of the country’s startups with the most upside move to the Valley, Boston, New York and Austin for what the geography can do for them. This isn’t news. In fact, I was one of them.

Austin, Texas, was great to me and my first startup. I still remember receiving my first seed capital from a Dell executive for 15 percent of my company. Even for recession-stricken 2009, the transaction was casual, as though it happened all the time in neighborhood coffee shops. We didn’t even have an office or a business plan. This is one of the positives of living in a startup city like Austin. Or even better — New York or the Valley.

But there is a unique brand of loyalty in the state of Ohio. And I can honestly say that I have never lived in a better place for building the type of company that fuels America’s middle market economy than Ohio’s capital city.

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Originally published December 6, 2014.

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