Tech Czar Talk: Two entrepreneurs dream big, but keep it real in the hard-knock life of startups

Story excerpt provided by The Plain Dealer.

Written by Michael C. DeAloia.

It’s a hard-knock life for an entrepreneur — and for many pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams, it’s more like a hardscrabble existence.

I know all too well that starting and running a company is a challenging endeavor, wrought with all sorts of difficulties. The sacrifices made to chase the entrepreneurial way of life exclude a full family life, civic duties and personal hobbies to name a few.

I also know that to endure one successful entrepreneurial company is a miracle. To have the courage to enjoy multiple startups is mind-blowing. However, there are two hardy, serial entrepreneurs I want to mention this week who are back at it again – starting companies with grand designs all for the hopes of reaching high levels.

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Originally published January 18, 2015.

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