Ohio’s Self Expression Empire: Print Syndicate

Tanisha Robinson, Founder of Print Syndicate Tanisha Robinson, Founder of Print Syndicate

Written by Jerred Ziegler.

In 2015, everything is about making a personal statement. From the clothes we wear to the phone cases we carry, everything is a personal reflection of ourselves – and for many people, the bolder the better. People have been creating personalized consumer products online for years using sites like CafePress and Zazzle. However, when you allow anyone to create anything, you end up with a million products and no real direction or intention. So how do you meet people’s need for unique while also building a solid business model? Columbus, Ohio’s Print Syndicate seems to have cracked the code.

Print Syndicate was founded in 2012 as a portfolio company of TechColumbus, which is funded by Ohio Third Frontier. In the business of self-expression, they take trends in social media and turn them into digital art in the form of consumer products like apparel, home goods and electronics cases. The company takes ideas on-demand and has professionals create well-designed products that will appeal to the masses rather than one product for one consumer.

Since their beginning, Print Syndicate has had numerous successes and failures while working to find their business model. Today, they are a strong brand that has accomplished so much thanks to a continued focus on their foundation, their technology and their process.

“We know what our business model is and the premise behind that model,” said Tanisha Robinson, co-founder of Print Syndicate. “2015 is the year to prove that our model is highly scalable, and I think with the phenomenal team we have assembled, that will certainly be the case.”

Robinson is not alone in her confidence in Print Syndicate. Forbes recently named this Columbus startup one of America’s most promising companies in 2015. This was something really special for Robinson and her team – and for Columbus as a whole. Robinson cites the city as a big reason for Print Syndicate’s success. Columbus has a lower cost of living than places like San Francisco and New York, allowing her employees to make competitive wages while keeping the cost of business lower. Columbus also allows entrepreneurs access to a variety of powerful companies and organizations willing to help small businesses.

“We are trying to change the narrative of what’s possible for startups in Columbus,” said Robinson. “Entrepreneurs in our community have phenomenal access to top mentors and business leaders who all support the mission of showing that kids in the alleys of Columbus can build empires.”

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