MegaJoule Innovates Fuel Cell Advancements

Story excerpt provided by The Business Journal.

Written by Michael Moliterno.

MegaJoule Storage Inc. is preparing to take its products to market. The company is putting the financing together for its first manufacturing plant where it will assemble its fuel cells.

“One of the places that we’re looking at putting it is in the Mahoning Valley,” says Herb Crowther, president of MegaJoule. “It starts with one or two dozen people [but once demand grows], it would end up being 50 or a hundred people.”

MegaJoule, one of the companies in the Magnet incubator here, designs fuel cells used for stationary energy storage. The company has developed a commercial use of technology developed in Russia to come up with a cross between a lead acid battery and a capacitor.

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Originally published February 19, 2015.

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