YBI Startup JuggerBot Seeks 3-D Printer Hybrid

Story excerpt provided by The Business Journal.

Written by Michael Moliterno.

Thomas Watson, former chairman and CEO of IBM, is often credited with one of history’s most inaccurate predictions.

“I think there’s a world market for maybe five computers,” he is supposed to have said, despite no documentation.

Still, it speaks to what many thought were the commercial limitations of computers. It wasn’t until the arrival of user-friendly operating systems that widespread use of computers began.

Three graduates of Youngstown State University dream of having a similar impact on the additive manufacturing industry. “We’re making industrial-grade 3-D printers with the convenience of a desktop,” says Dan Fernback.

Last May, Fernback joined Jim D’Andrea and Zac DiVencenzo to form JuggerBot 3D LLC, a startup housed in the Youngstown Business Incubator.

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Originally published March 4, 2015.

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