Eli Lilly Recognizes Biosortia Pharmaceuticals as 2014 OIDD Collaborator Of The Year

Excerpt provided by Biosortia Pharmaceutical.s

Eli Lilly has recognized Dublin, Ohio based Biosortia Pharmaceuticals with the 2014 Open Innovation Drug Discovery (OIDD) Collaborator of the Year award.

The Collaborator of the Year award is the result of the innovative results and progress created by Biosortia and Lilly’s OIDD team.

Biosortia, a leader in discovering and co-develop novel and potent bio-active compounds, is primarily focused on drug discovery for cancer, infectious disease, and anti-inflammatory therapeutics. Since entering Lilly’s OIDD program in 2012, Biosortia has nearly 100% acceptance of the compounds it has submitted, far exceeding the 40% to 50% average of all other providers combined.

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Originally published April 8, 2015.

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