Beegit Creates Document Hive for Easy Collaboration

Written by Kevin Volz.

Beegit CEO Mike Cottrill likens his company’s software to a beehive, the central hub of activity where individuals work together to contribute to the group’s core mission. The goal of the company in Cleveland, Ohio, is to make project collaboration more efficient by simplifying the workflow of creating documents, editing and approval.

“It’s like Google Docs on steroids or Microsoft Word for the modern age, with workflow and adaptation tools built in,” said Cottrill. “You should be able to work with someone any time of day if you both have the time to work, regardless of location. We’ve had people collaborate together to write books using Beegit. One company actually wrote a 300 page environmental document that included images and graphs.”

In Beegit, all project documents live in one central location, so that edits and assignments can move quickly. The software can help manage approvals, comments and workflow from start to finish, and users can easily export the end result into multiple formats for web and print. Beegit also handles workflow visibility, showing collaborators who made what changes and when. This workflow allows team members to know what’s been approved, what’s due next and the deadline.

Beegit’s primary target is business-to-business marketing professionals. Beegit can simplify their content creation process by facilitating approvals and feedback from companies’ internal teams including sales, executives and legal. A second target is marketing and development agencies writing and developing website content on behalf of clients. These agencies need content and approval processes to move quickly. A third target market is documentation professionals – people working as part of a group to create items such as health documents, education curriculum and course work.

Beegit recently closed a $220,000 seed round of funding to help expand their team and platform, allowing the company to serve larger groups of collaborators. $100,000 of this total came from an Innovation Fund B award, partially funded by Ohio Third Frontier. The company started in 2014 with just three partners, and recently hired their fourth employee. They plan to continue growing in the near future, with two current openings the company hopes to fill by the end of summer.

“Our funding is specifically focused on the growth of our base of larger customers. The current software works really well for teams of 5 to 15 users, but we see opportunities in the underserved market of middle-sized companies, those with 50-400 employees,” said Cottrill.

The founders of Beegit feel that Cleveland is a great place for entrepreneurs, citing the low cost of starting a company, the available talent pool and the great universities in the area.

“We have this welcoming community of CEOs and technology executives that are driving the exciting changes in Cleveland over the past five years,” said Cottrill. “Something big is happening here. Everyone is in this together and wants to push Cleveland to the next level.”

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