Appalachian Wastewater Research Gets Funding Boost

Story excerpt provided by Natural Gas Intelligence.

Written by Jamison Cocklin.

A researcher at Ohio University has received another $2.9 million to advance a technology that could keep more produced and flowback water at the drilling site and save operators money by sparing the expenses of transporting the fluids to underground injection wells.

Jason Trembly, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering, was awarded the funds by the state’s technology-based economic development organization, Ohio Third Frontier, the energy technology firm Babcock & Wilcox and RF Advanced Technologies Group. Ohio University, a small school in the southeastern part of the state near the epicenter of the Utica Shale boom, also contributed funds. The project, which includes industry collaborator Hess Corp., has received more than $6 million in other federal and state grants (see Shale Daily, Oct. 10, 2014).

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Originally published May 6, 2015.

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