Authenti-App wants to let cardholders take control of fraud detection

Story excerpt provided by Columbus Business First.

Written by Carrie Ghose.

When someone stole his wife’s credit card number, Pat Khumprakob only learned after it was used – and he was not content that the bank didn’t charge him for the fraudulent transactions. No one stopped the thief.

“The merchant, bank and police said they couldn’t do anything about it,” Khumprakob said. “I wanted to do something to put me back in control.”

Khumprakob founded Authenti-App LLC two years ago, creating cloud-based software that gives consumers flexible anti-fraud protection to stop bad transactions as they are attempted instead of detecting them hours or days later. At the same time, it won’t indiscriminately turn the card off when the cardholder travels or buys something unusual.

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Originally published May 21, 2015.

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