MentorcliQ Makes Meaningful Connections to Foster Employee Growth

By Jerred Ziegler

In a small company where every employee knows one another, finding a professional mentor is relatively easy. But in companies with thousands of employees spread across dozens of locations, the task becomes more daunting. According to MentorcliQ CEO and co-founder Phil George, the average Fortune 500 company invests over $2 million each year mentoring employees within their organization.

“Our software takes something that is normally a hard-to-manage process with little or no tracking of results and turns it into something that’s really easy for the company,” said George. “Using MentorcliQ, companies can analyze their mentoring programs to evaluate how they are impacting the business as a whole and their employees.”

MentorcliQ offers all employees who participate in a company’s professional development efforts the opportunity to be both a mentor and a mentee. The software utilizes two primary components to match employees with mentors. The first looks at the employee’s career interests and aspirations, while the second looks at the employee’s personality. George says this balanced approach is key to any successful employee-mentor relationship.

“When you grow a mentoring program to thousands of people, you can’t risk losing the importance of matching up two people whose personalities are compatible,” said George. “Even though they may have the same career interests, they may not connect on a personal level.”

The ultimate goal for all companies is employee retention. Mentoring programs allow employees to feel more competent in their job and more connected to their company. The MentorcliQ software lets both the employee and the mentor anonymously evaluate their relationship, and analyzes this feedback to alert companies when new matches need to be made.

MentorcliQ’s offices are located within Rev1 Ventures, a central Ohio regional partner of Ohio Third Frontier. Rev1’s advisory network connected MentorcliQ with executives in the Columbus area who helped guide the company in its early stages, and helped prepare them for both future successes and failures. Rev1 also introduced MentorcliQ to a number of large corporations that were specifically interested in innovative technology business solutions.

“The central Ohio startup community is really a symbiotic environment,” said George. “You have these high-growth, high-tech companies that provide innovative ways for more well-established companies to overcome the challenges they face.”

While George originally started MentorcliQ in Los Angeles, he said the decision to grow the company in Ohio was simple due to its proximity to so many of the top corporations in the United States.

“Our business focuses on corporate mentoring programs and leadership development,” said George. “There are over 50 Fortune 1000 companies within a few hours’ drive of Columbus. That proximity is what drew us back to this area and is what will set MentorcliQ up for success in the future.”

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