storeFlix Helps Large Brands See the Big Picture in Real-Time

Written by Robert Leitch.

Retail and restaurant brands across the United States strive for uniformity in their guest experience. They want to provide customers with the same satisfactory service over and over again that will hopefully turn them into lifelong customers. This requires meticulous consistency in the way services are provided and products are presented, a daunting task when stores number in the hundreds and are spread across several states. That’s where Cincinnati, Ohio’s storeFlix comes in.

storeFlix is a platform that rapidly combines visual elements like photos and videos with surveys and customer comments to provide large brands with real-time, actionable insights into their business. Clients range from Hanes and other apparel brands to restaurants, such as Cincinnati’s Skyline Chili.

“By using our tool, companies are able to have their folks capture information about what’s happening in the stores, in the restaurants, and aggregate that information very quickly,” said Louis Goldner, CEO of storeFlix. “They can drill down not just into the numbers, but into the visual information behind those numbers.”

Using the storeFlix platform, brands send representatives and brokers into stores and restaurants to collect data on their mobile devices. The data collected by storeFlix is customized depending on the type of business using the service. For instance, retail brands might want data on store fixtures and displays, while restaurants need to know about cleanliness, safety, and compliance.

“The need to see is unbelievably important,” said Goldner. “Numbers alone don’t tell the complete story, and a picture truly is worth a thousand words.”

Each photo and video captured with storeFlix is marked with the date, time and location it was captured. They are then automatically integrated into the whole brand’s existing data in storeFlix.

“The magic behind storeFlix is the platform’s ability to immediately aggregate data as it’s collected from the field,” said Goldner. “Anyone can take a quick photo, but what if you take 50? Our platform organizes all these photos in a way that is simple for brands to use to enact change.”

CincyTech, a southwest regional partner of Ohio Third Frontier, provided the company with its seed round of funding. It also helped storeFlix refine its idea, expand its network of mentors, and develop a strong financial plan and business strategy. storeFlix closed its second round of funding in late 2014, working with CincyTech and Accelerant to secure a $750,000 Targeted Investment Program (TIP) loan from the State of Ohio.

“CincyTech has been an unbelievably great supporter since the beginning,” said Goldner. “They’ve provided us with all sorts of support, from funding to coaching to mentoring. I can’t say enough good things about CincyTech.”

storeFlix has an office in Kenwood, just north of Cincinnati. They are currently a five person team and are actively looking for their sixth employee. The company’s main focus currently is to grow the business through sales, while keeping its home base in Cincinnati.

“There are so many folks to engage with, interact with and get perspective from in the Cincinnati area,” said Goldner. “If you’re looking for someone to help you with anything, from resources to talent, that person is here in southwest Ohio.”

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