STACK Construction Technologies Streamlines Project Bid Process

By: Robert Leitch

For most new construction, there is often a lengthy behind-the-scenes bidding process that takes place before groundbreaking can even begin. The nation’s 650,000 commercial building trade contractors rely on successful bids to secure this work. The time-consuming process requires them to download hundreds of blueprints each month, and oftentimes print each one prior to measuring and counting. STACK Construction Technologies is solving this problem.

The company allows contractors to measure and count using digital files online without having to download them first. The platform enables the user to view 15 to 20 blueprints at a time on a single screen.

“Traditionally in the industry you’d have to go to each project’s individual website and spend hours gathering up all of the blueprints,” said Phillip Ogilby, co-founder and CEO of STACK Construction Technologies. “Our technology, combined with our partner websites, puts it all in one place so it’s easy for our customers to navigate many different projects at once.”

Once trade contractors have selected the blueprints they need, they can use the STACK Takeoff program to color-code their blueprints within their web browser. This color-coding simulates the use of colored pencils on a traditional paper blueprint, and automatically calculates the area, distance and volume of the construction. Once this process is complete, the STACK Estimating tool then tells contractors how much of each material they will need so they can accurately predict their costs for the project.

“Our technology is critical for trade contractors. If they miss one thing in a bid, it’s going to cost them money,” said Ogilby. “A typical trade contractor will only win one of every 10 contracts they bid on, so being able to complete estimates quickly is key.”

STACK Construction Technologies’ first private investment round of funding was led by CincyTech, a southwest regional partner of Ohio Third Frontier. Ogilby is certain that without CincyTech’s support, his company would not be at the level it is today.

“CincyTech has been a valuable partner and a tremendous resource to help grow the business,” said Ogilby. “The organization is staffed by seasoned business professionals who have had successes and failures of their own. There’s no better voice of reason than someone who’s been in your shoes before. CincyTech is absolutely invaluable for someone trying to start a business.”

STACK Construction Technologies is located just north of Cincinnati in Mason, Ohio. Ogilby said that the city has been a fantastic partner since day one.

“It’s important that communities value the people that are creating jobs, and then put programs in place to support those people,” said Ogilby. “I feel that from both the city of Mason and the state of Ohio, and am extremely grateful to both.”

There are currently 26 employees at STACK Construction Technologies, a number Ogilby expects to double over the next year.

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