Petrichor Makes Deploying Apps a Cinch

Written by Kevin Volz.

Companies who manufacture in Ohio often send their products around the world to be sold to the masses. Logistics managers spend their days ensuring these products are securely packed in universally standard shipping containers, and are being sent to the correct end destinations. The ultimate goal is for the products to complete the trip intact and be ready for sale when they arrive.

In the world of software development, there is a technology called a container that does the same thing for computer applications. It keeps all of the inner workings of an app organized and secure so that it can be deployed, scaled and moved safely to servers around the globe. Toledo, Ohio’s Petrichor is a software technology company that has created a product called Cycle, which allows developers to easily work with these containers, saving them time and effort.

“Cycle is made for people who develop and build applications every day,” said Dan Paquette, Chief Experience Officer at Petrichor. “They are looking for the easiest way to deploy their apps and allow them to be used around the globe.”

Cycle handles all of the processes for managing containers automatically. Users simply have to upload their apps to Cycle and let the platform do the rest. The Petrichor team makes sure that each container will run apps as quickly and reliably as possible.

“Our technology takes what has been a very complex process for app developers and makes it very simple,” said Jake Warner, CEO and Founder of Petrichor. “Every app is going to be built on containers in the next five or six years. So by building a platform that allows that system to be streamlined, people can easily deploy and manage their containers themselves.”

Warner developed the idea for his company after building websites and web applications for nearly a decade. He found he was spending more time focusing on the tedious task of deploying applications safely rather than actually writing code. Cycle is currently in the development phase, with Petrichor anticipating test launches throughout the latter half of 2015. They are currently looking for organizations to take part in these tests.

“Right now we’re still doing a lot of sitting down with customers to figure out where their needs lie and where our focus should be,” said Paquette.

Petrichor’s offices are located at LaunchPad Incubation at the University of Toledo, an incubator in northwest Ohio and regional partner of Ohio Third Frontier. According to Paquette, the mentorship and networking opportunities afforded by LaunchPad have been instrumental to the company’s success.

“The team at LaunchPad has connected us with a lot of people who are able to give us their input and feedback,” said Paquette. “What we really like about LaunchPad is that they know when to be hands off and let us learn from experience.”

In the future, Petrichor is looking to work with top accelerator programs to further their business efforts, while continuing to raise awareness about Cycle and containers in the development world. This will continue from their home base in Toledo, which Warner cites as a major factor to the company’s success.

“There are so many financial benefits to being located in the Toledo area. There are no upcharges like you’d find in the Bay Area or on the east coast,” said Warner. “We also have the benefit of being able to easily network with entrepreneurs in other cities like Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati, with a large talent pool of untapped potential to draw from.”

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