T-Pro Solutions Helping Marketers Learn From the Past, Plan for the Future

Written by Robert Leitch.

Advertisers in the consumer goods industry, including food, clothing and cleaning supplies, spend roughly $200 billion each year on marketing. This includes in-store advertisements, endcap displays and campaigns for discounted products. With individual marketing efforts totaling in the millions, it’s important to determine what worked and what didn’t, and use that information to plan for the future.

T-Pro Solutions, Inc. in Columbus, Ohio, is a cloud-based software company that provides a suite of applications for the consumer packaged goods industry. The software runs analyses of past marketing efforts, and uses that data to predict which future campaigns will likely build volume and turn a profit.

“Using our predictive algorithms, users can determine the best promotional strategies that will engage customers,” said Terry Ziegler, CEO of T-Pro Solutions.

Ziegler spent 26 years in the consumer goods industry, working with large companies including Nabisco, Borden and RJ Reynolds. He led teams that assembled the same type of marketing data that T-Pro Solutions provides its users, but reports could only be given on a monthly basis; they took 11 to 12 weeks to compile and were prone to human error.

“We bring all of those disparate data sources together, regardless of whether it is internal data or consumer data, and give that to our customers in a simple, easy-to-use app,” said Ziegler. “We update all of the information frequently, essentially eliminating the long wait period that has become the status quo.”

Ziegler and his two co-founders worked closely with several Ohio Third Frontier entities to secure their Series A round of funding, including Rev1 Ventures, the Ohio TechAngel Fund and Queen City Angels. They have used this investment to build T-Pro Solutions’ business infrastructure and additional product offerings.

“These different organizations all want to play an important part in the technology industry. They want to support the state’s entrepreneurial community at all different stages,” said Ziegler. “For example, at Rev1, entrepreneurs have a significant resource pool to pull from including advice from other entrepreneurs, a strong expert network and reduced fees on certain professional services. This has been very helpful to my own business and is invaluable to someone who is starting a company for the first time.”

It was through his experience with Rev1 and the resources they offer that Ziegler knew Columbus was the place to start his company.

“Once I was exposed to the central Ohio’s entrepreneurial community through Rev1, I knew that with their help we would be able to succeed,” said Ziegler. “They allowed us to focus our time and energy on building the application and finding customers by handling things like payroll, human resources and bookkeeping.”

T-Pro Solutions started with three employees and is now up to six full-time employees, with additional part-time and remote help. The company is looking to bring on additional talent, particularly in development, sales, marketing and project management. They have clients nationwide, with plans to expand to international markets in the future.

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