Great Migrations Upgrades Code from Old to New

Written by Robert Leitch.

In today’s world, computer code is behind every aspect of business. It builds the website, keeps track of inventory, and lets the company collect payment. Writing all this code is a significant investment of time and money, and it can quickly become outdated. Keeping up with new programming languages and software tools is expensive, and can sometimes mean starting over completely. Dublin-based Great Migrations is hoping to address this.

Their technology allows companies to update 5,000 pages of code in minutes, potentially saving millions. The conversion is not just a simple translation, but instead the technology analyzes the existing code, determines the app’s detailed operations, and creates a system that automates the upgrade process.

“The bigger our client’s system, the bigger the cost-savings,” said Mark Juras, founder and managing partner of Great Migrations. “Our tools get the system under control and in a form where you can take it from old to new quickly and systematically.”

Great Migrations’ technology is able to read, interpret and rewrite code written in older languages and convert it to more modern computer languages. This saves companies months of effort and is customizable for each customer’s individual needs.

“Unlike our competitors, our tool is highly programmable,” said Juras. “We don’t just rewrite the code in a new language; we also modernize the technical design of our client’s entire systems.”

Juras participated in Rev1 Venture’s Concept Academy when he was first developing Great Migrations. Concept Academy is a three-day workshop for all new clients of Rev1, a central Ohio partner of Ohio Third Frontier, which helps each entrepreneur collect customer feedback and adjust the direction of their company. Participating in that program helped Juras develop a roadmap for the future of Great Migrations.

“We are looking to increase our marketing to make strategic sales and generate more revenue,” said Juras. “When we secure high-profile customers, it will help spread awareness about our approach and the fact that you can preserve your functionality while upgrading your code at the same time.”

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