Never Miss a Moment with BoxCast’s Video Streaming Service

Written by Kevin Volz.

In our busy, fast-paced, multitasking society, people often struggle to stay connected. Whether you’re out of town or have a conflicting engagement, there are times when you can’t attend an important occasion. BoxCast is working to make sure you don’t miss the big moments in life by making it easy to deliver live HD video to anyone, anywhere on any streaming device.

“Our system can be used by any individual or organization that wants to reach and engage its audience,” said Gordon Daily, president of BoxCast. “Whether you’re a church looking to expand its ministry, a high school or college looking to engage its alumni or a performer building an audience, video streaming with BoxCast is the answer.”

The process to stream is simple — all that’s needed is a camera, the physical BoxCast system and a website to host the video. Just plug into the physical BoxCast system and Daily’s company takes care of the rest.

“Our service removes all human error,” said Daily. “There is no additional software, hardware or technical expertise required. There aren’t even buttons or switches on the BoxCast system to start or stop recording.”

BoxCast offers both live and archived viewing that can be embedded directly into a website for easy playback whenever it is convenient for the user. Any video can be set to private so only a select group can watch.

“We have had most of our success and have focused most of our efforts in the church and college sports space,” said Daily. “We’ve streamed over 12,000 NCAA sporting events since our launch a couple of years ago.”

Daily and his co-founders, who have backgrounds in web development, created the first version of BoxCast for a funeral home. The home’s director asked them to create a website that could stream funeral services for family members who could not attend. Once the funeral system was built, the BoxCast team immediately saw its application in other industries. What sets BoxCast apart from its competitors is its physical hardware component and ease of use for customers. The BoxCast team handles the heavy technical lifting, requiring little streaming knowledge to properly use the system.

BoxCast works closely with JumpStart, a northeast regional partner of Ohio Third Frontier. The company received a $250,000 investment from the organization in 2013. This allowed Daily and his co-founders to quit their day jobs and work on developing BoxCast full-time.

“The startup world is not for people to do alone. We really needed JumpStart’s guidance,” said Daily. “They helped us sharpen our business model and connected us with strong mentors who helped us build a company that could scale.”

To date, BoxCast has raised $3 million and has grown from their four co-founders to 12 full-time employees, along with several people who sell the company’s product on commission or part-time. The company’s goal is to continue expanding to new markets including sports complexes, education facilities, conference centers and performance venues.

Daily is extremely passionate about growing the business in northeast Ohio. The area’s strong manufacturing base allows BoxCast’s hardware to be built in the area, and he said the support from organizations like JumpStart and the incubators in Cleveland are unmatched.

“The entrepreneurial community here is strong. Everyone is willing to pitch in and wants to see entrepreneurs succeed,” said Daily. “We are all rallying behind Ohio, and we want this state to win the startup recognition it deserves.”

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