ProcureSafe Helps Government Streamline Doing Business

Written by Robert Leitch.

Many government agencies spend a considerable amount of time searching for and vetting suppliers for a variety of services, which can be taxing on their resources. ProcureSafe, based in Columbus, Ohio, brings government buyers and suppliers together online to simplify the bid process and help government organizations operate more efficiently.

“For about 20 years I worked for Fortune 500 companies negotiating nearly a billion dollars in contracts from a supplier side,” said Bob Ray, co-owner of ProcureSafe, “I decided to bring that knowledge and approach to the other side to help buyers find better ways to conduct business and reduce expenses.”

The ProcureSafe system is a web-based service that consolidates information from current and potential suppliers in one place, offering cloud storage of information. “Suppliers go to a portal and fill out a profile, which is searchable and accessible anytime,” said Ray. “It allows government agencies and organizations to easily compare services and products, and analyze them much more efficiently.”

The same system can also be used to request quotes and track and store bids – both active bids and those that have been awarded. It organizes and simplifies what can often be a complicated and time-consuming process.

ProcureSafe is a spinoff of NPG Solutions, a consulting and cost management firm that took a somewhat similar approach helping companies in a variety of fields from manufacturing to retail to healthcare.

“In those sectors, we helped companies save an average of 27 percent of the costs of outsourced services by analyzing their existing suppliers, contracts and invoices and researching different options,” said Ray. “Providing a similar service to government organizations seemed like the next logical step.”

In 2012, ProcureSafe received early funding from Rev1 Ventures, a central Ohio partner of Ohio Third Frontier. This helped the company turn their prototype into a product.

“At Rev1 you’re surrounded by other entrepreneurs who are facing the same startup challenges as you,” said Ray. “You’re able to learn from their successes and mistakes. ProcureSafe wouldn’t be where it is today without the kind of environment Rev1 offers. They help you with product validation, market research and prototyping.”

“Between ProcureSafe and NPG Solutions, we’ve helped cost management in segments from government to financial institutions to healthcare,” said Ray. “We think the automotive industry might be a good opportunity for growth going forward, and are looking into those possibilities.”

Because ProcureSafe is web-based, there are plans to market and sell services throughout the U.S. and abroad. There are no plans, however, of leaving the Columbus region. “This is a great area for startups and it’s obvious the state of Ohio is very forward-thinking in investing in ventures like ours. We have made invaluable contacts here and truly value what that means for a growing business.”


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