Ohio Thinks Big to Help Researchers Commercialize New Technology

Story excerpt provided by The Huffington Post.

Written by Ray Leach,  CEO, JumpStart Inc.

Ask any expert what made Silicon Valley possible and it won’t be long until they bring up Stanford University. Combined with the rest of the local research community – much of it military-based – Stanford’s outpouring of innovative ideas helped ignite one of the modern world’s great engines of economic activity.

While Ohio in 2015 looks more like the Bay Area in the 1970s than today’s Silicon Valley, it definitely has its own treasure trove of strong educational and research institutions. And with the financial support of the state’s $2.1 billion Ohio Third Frontier (OTF) program, more and more of these institutions are teaming up with venture development organizations (VDOs) across the state to commercialize some of the nation’s most exciting new technology.

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Originally published December 3, 2015.

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