Wyzerr Engages Customers with Game-Like Surveys

Written by Robert Leitch.

There have been very few innovations in surveying over the last 15 years. The pen-and-paper surveys of the 20th century are now hosted and taken online, but they’re simply digital replicas that do not take advantage of the unique ways to engage today’s mobile users. As a result, survey completion rates average only .04%, and companies that survey customers are missing a big opportunity. Wyzerr is working to modernize surveying, increase completion rates and make surveys a more useful and effective tool for consumer research.

Wyzerr, located in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, has developed technology that replaces the standard survey with an interactive, game-like user experience. The company’s surveys are designed for mobile, reducing the amount of text and instead relying on bright buttons, clickable icons and interactive graphics. The less a customer has to read, the more likely they are to provide feedback. According to Stedmon Harper, founder and chief creative officer (CCO) of Wyzerr, this is why the survey completion rate for their customers is 83% or higher.

“We focus on keeping people’s attention and keeping them engaged with the product for quick, honest responses,” said Harper. “Our surveys utilize the same patterns used in many of today’s most popular apps and games, things like swipe left or drag-and-drop. These motions are already instilled in how people interact with their phones and allow users to move quickly through our surveys.”

Aside from making surveys engaging for consumers, Wyzerr has also developed algorithms to provide its clients with more meaningful results. For example, the Wyzerr system learns about each customer as they are making their way through a survey, asking only the questions that are relevant to their experience. This allows Wyzerr clients to more accurately analyze customer satisfaction. The survey analysis is available in real time and can identify trends in seconds.

“Our goal was to provide a tool that would be easy for our clients to understand and would allow them to make decisions based on the data,” said Harper. “A lot of clients can become overwhelmed with number-heavy survey analysis, so our platform instead uses a lot of colorful maps and grids to showcase results and make things easier to comprehend.”

Wyzerr is a recent graduate of The Brandery, a nationally ranked accelerator and Ohio Third Frontier partner in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Brandery introduced the company to many potential investors and customers including Procter & Gamble. Prior to moving to Ohio, Harper had spent time living in New York, Los Angeles and Seattle, but said he was blown away by the culture of startup innovation and entrepreneurship in Cincinnati.

“The community here is fantastic. Everyone is willing to help and be a resource to someone else,” said Harper. “I was really surprised by that when I moved here. I didn’t have any expectations of Ohio, but it exceeded anything I could’ve imagined.”

Wyzerr’s surveying technology can be applied to any industry that is trying to effectively reach customers on a mobile device. The company started out with a focus on restaurants and retail, but now also includes health, travel, education and media companies.

Harper and the Wyzerr team will continue to refine the company moving forward, leveraging the knowledge of Cincinnati’s many successful Fortune 500 companies with the goal of creating the best consumer research tool on the market. The company also plans to release an app that would allow anyone to create their own surveys using the Wyzerr platform.

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