The 10 Cities that are Secretly Great for Tech Grads

Story excerpt provided by DataFox.

Written by Anisha Sekar.

Sure, Silicon Valley and New York get attention for being the best places to work in tech. But for new graduates looking for growth and mentorship, hoping to stand out, and facing their first student loan bills, paying $2,000 a month in rent is less than ideal. As college seniors are weighing offers, negotiating salaries and trying to decide where they’ll be after graduation, DataFox crunched the numbers to find 10 cities with the networking opportunities, affordability and growth potential that should put them on the radar of any new grad who wants to work in tech…

#7 Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati’s tech scene relies on a symbiosis between big corporations and tiny startups. The established companies – including Macy’s, Proctor & Gamble and eight others in the Fortune 500 – provide capital and support for entrepreneurs, while new companies offer innovations and talent. For new grads who aren’t quite ready to join a three-person startup, Cincinnati offers the chance to interact with companies of any size. Its companies rank above the national average in management team quality, brand recognition and financial stability, three key qualities for those just coming out of college. And for those who want to make the leap to entrepreneurship, the city’s accelerators and incubators offer ongoing support as well as funding, which isn’t easy to find in highly competitive Silicon Valley…

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Originally published January 26, 2016.

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