Forget the Oscars. Why Aren’t We Angry About the Lack of Diversity in the Entrepreneurial World?

Blog excerpt provided by Huffington Post.

Written by Cathy Belk, President, JumpStart Inc.

The announcement of this year’s Oscar nominees has created a great deal of controversy, most of which revolves around the roster’s lack of diversity.

Conspicuously absent this year are several strong performances by African Americans, such as the red hot director/actor team of Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan, who reinvigorated the Rocky film series with the powerful “Creed.”

These and other perceived snubs by the Academy have led to Oscar boycotts from some celebrities. The negative attention has even prompted the organization’s own Board of Governors to revamp their membership rules in an attempt to double its minority and female members by 2020.

This conversation is healthy. Still, I can’t help but wonder–where is all the national outrage over the lack of diversity in the entrepreneurial world?

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Originally published February 11, 2016.

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