BioMotiv, Rutgers University launch startup to fight cancer

Story excerpt provided by Crain’s Cleveland Business.

Written by Chuck Soder.

A new company formed by BioMotiv and Rutgers University aims to fight cancer by fixing a protein sometimes described as “the guardian of the human genome.”

The company, Z53 Therapeutics, was launched to develop drugs that could help people who have “the most commonly mutated gene in human cancer,” according to a news release announcing the formation of the company.

That gene is p53. It creates a protein that prevents tumors from forming. But some common mutations cause the gene to produce defective proteins that can’t bind to zinc molecules.

Researchers at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey believe they’ve found a way to restore the function of those proteins by delivering a metal ion into the body.

The work was led by Dr. Darren Carpizo. The Harrington Discovery Institute — a nonprofit created by University Hospitals — helped fund that work.

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Originally published February 29, 2016.

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