O2 RegenTech Helping Heal Wounds

Written by Kevin Volz.

The three most important factors in wound healing are oxygen, moisture, and protection from bacteria to keep the wound clean and prevent infections. Currently, there are no wound treatments available that offer all three at once, requiring patients to use a combination of different bandages, dressings, ointments, and other treatments. Akron, Ohio’s, O2 RegenTech is hoping to make wound care simpler with OXAID, a new treatment that provides all three components to promote wound healing in one easy-to-use dressing.

“There is no dressing like this on the market,” said Dr. Andreas Inmann, CEO of O2 RegenTech. “It comes in sheets of varying sizes and has a consistency similar to Jell-O. You just put a thin sheet on the wound, wrap a bandage around it, and let the healing begin.”

While O2 RegenTech’s technology can be used on any wound, their initial target market is patients who suffer from chronic diabetic wounds, specifically foot ulcers. These types of wounds often don’t heal on their own partly due to a lack of oxygen.

“The only established option for getting oxygen to treat foot ulcers is very expensive, is rarely covered by insurance, and requires patients to visit a medical facility for each treatment over several weeks to months,” said Inmann. “With OXAID, patients can receive a prescription and administer a cheap, easily applicable dressing for proper healing in their own homes.”

Dr. Nic Leipzig, founder and CTO of O2 RegenTech, developed OXAID’s technology in his lab at the University of Akron. Once he filed for a patent, he partnered with Inmann, who moved to the area because of Northeast Ohio’s strong foothold in the medical device industry. Inmann created a business plan designed to take the technology from Leipzig’s lab, through FDA approvals, and into the hands of consumers, which is expected to take about two more years.

The University of Akron and O2 RegenTech have received Technology Validation and Start-up Fund (TVSF) awards from Ohio Third Frontier, totaling $250,000. This funding will help the company to refine the manufacturing process and run the necessary tests on its technology to prepare for FDA approval. The company was also awarded funding from the Great Lakes Innovation and Development Enterprise (GLIDE) and JumpStart, both northeast Ohio partners of Ohio Third Frontier.

According to Inmann, being based in Northeast Ohio has been a big factor in O2 RegenTech’s growth.

“We’re surrounded by powerhouse medical institutions like the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, and Summa Health System, plus the area is home to universities with some of the top biomedical engineering programs in the country,” said Inmann. “Organizations like GLIDE and JumpStart have fostered an environment of innovation and entrepreneurship. There’s no better place for O2 RegenTech than right here in northeast Ohio.”

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