ReadySet Surgical: Getting Surgeons the Tools They Need

Written by Robert Leitch.

Roughly 20 percent of surgeries require equipment that hospitals do not own. Surgeons must communicate with medical device companies as well as other hospitals to get the equipment they need. Right now, this communication process is limited to text messages, emails and handwritten notes, which are easy to lose and can lead to confusion, errors and delays. Cincinnati, Ohio’s, ReadySet Surgical has built a system to address this problem.

ReadySet Surgical uses cloud-based technology to create a digital dashboard accessible by all members of the surgical team. The dashboard consolidates and displays all the communication, confirmation and delivery logistics needed for surgery. Surgeons choose the tools he or she needs, then works with other team members to ensure the tool’s delivery date and to communicate any other necessary information.

Keerthi Kanubaddi, founder and CEO of ReadySet Surgical, recognized this communication problem while he worked in medical device sales. He noticed how often there was miscommunication among surgeons, vendors and hospitals. He recalls one case in which a surgeon contacted him the morning of a pediatric neurosurgery, asking Kanubaddi if the requested tools were onsite. The patient, a three-month-old, was already in the operating room, but no one from the hospital had communicated that the equipment was needed that day.

“Instead of a small, two-millimeter incision, it ended up becoming a craniotomy, blood transfusion and two additional days in the hospital, all because of poor coordination,” said Kanubaddi. “It was so upsetting for everyone in the room, and I realized there was no way to improve under the current system. That’s when I set out to create ReadySet Surgical.”

In October 2015, ReadySet Surgical received investments from Queen City Angels and CincyTech, both southwest partners of Ohio Third Frontier. Several hospitals around the country have already committed to using ReadySet Surgical, and the funding will help the company expand its technology even further. The system is currently in use at Dayton Children’s Hospital and New England Baptist Hospital in Boston.

ReadySet Surgical has four employees in its Norwood office and expects to expand to 35 employees by the end of 2018. Kanubaddi says physicians see surgical errors due to miscommunication on a regular basis, and hopes more hospitals will begin using his system to eliminate that problem.

“People who work in healthcare really want what is best for their patients,” said Kanubaddi. “But they are also extremely busy and work in high-stress environments. It makes sense that lines of communication sometimes get crossed. Once they see that we can help streamline that communication, they’re very supportive.”

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