From ConnXus Intern to Young Entrepreneur

Story excerpt provided by ConnXus.

Written by ShannonFrohme.

Here’s what Hammett has to share on his journey from a ConnXus intern to a young entrepreneur:

ConnXus: What was the inspiration for LingoHop’s mission?

DH: After spending years teaching foreign languages, Ashley and I realized there was an overwhelming problem in the language-learning space: a lack of personalization. A recent study found that the leading language software sees only 0.6% of their users complete their program, yet over 70% of Americans want to learn a new language. We realized that each person has their own language goals and learning style, and there was no solution that addressed this need. After speaking with Tsavo Knott, an expert in computer programming and development, the Lingohop concept was born. Co-founders Michael Ashley, DJ Hammett, and Tsavo Knott teamed up with the goal of creating a personalized environment for learning a new language and culture, regardless of your current skill level.

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Originally published March 7, 2016.

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