QuickLoadz Makes Moving Shipping Containers Simple

Written by Robert Leitch.

The trucks you see on the highway stacked high with shipping containers play an important role in transporting cargo from port cities to its final destination. Loading and unloading these containers can be a hazardous and inefficient process for drivers and those working at shipping yards, requiring heavy equipment like a winch, cables and a crane to lift the steel boxes on and off truck beds. QuickLoadz in Nelsonville, Ohio, has developed a solution for moving shipping containers with the truck’s trailer doing all the work, with just the simple push of a button.

QuickLoadz’s micro computer controlled system lets drivers control the container moving process from their smart phone. Drivers back their truck up to a container using a rearview camera viewed on their phone, then push a button on their phone that lowers the trailer to ground level. A lift goes under the container to pick it up, and then the trailer uses its built-in hooks, chains and rollers to grab the container and move it smoothly onto the truck bed.

“Our system eliminates the need for a huge crane to load or unload containers from trucks,” said Sean Jones, CEO of QuickLoadz. “It’s a much more efficient process because you can get to your final destination, press unload, and the work is done for you.”

In addition to efficiency, QuickLoadz is a safer process than cranes because drivers never have to get out of their trucks. According to Jones, most of his clients see a return on investment for a QuickLoadz trailer in only three months because the system allows for more containers to be shipped in less time.

Jones’ background is in engineering and the mobile storage business. He sold his mobile storage company eight years ago after moving the containers became too dangerous and difficult for employees. He decided to devote himself to solving the problem of shipping container mobility.

Jones has worked to take QuickLoadz from a passion project to a startup business, with the help of TechGROWTH Ohio, a southeast Ohio partner of Ohio Third Frontier. The organization has provided QuickLoadz $360,000 in funding, which the company has used to attend trade shows, file for patents and complete market research.

QuickLoadz’s clients range from mobile storage to freight companies all over the country. Jones says demand for QuickLoadz trailers is high and that the company will need to expand its Nelsonville facilities in the near future as a result. QuickLoadz currently has six employees, with the goal of growing the team once the bigger facility is in place.

“Our location in Nelsonville is in close proximity to Ohio University, meaning we have a huge talent pool of educated young people to pull from each year,” said Jones. “Plus, the cost of having a facility here is lower than it would be in a bigger city. It’s the perfect place for the business economically and it will remain our home.”

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