Digital health takes a back seat to medical devices in pediatric pitch event at SXSW

Story excerpt provided by MedCity News.

Written by Stephanie Baum.

Measuring lung function, enhancing fetal monitoring and tissue engineering took the top three prizes at the second edition of Impact Pediatric Health Pitch at SXSW. But of the digital health technologies on display, machine learning was a big theme.

The competition looks for ways to address challenges in the pediatric market, an area frequently overlooked for medical innovation because of the practical reality that the size of the market is eclipsed by the adult market. Many of the participating companies developed technology that can be expanded to other indications…

Nanofiber Solutions is developing tissue engineered vascular grafts for arteriovenous access. The regenerative medicine company is producing implants and have some big ambitions to use their technology to reduce the need for organ transplants.  It came in third place…

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Originally published March 14, 2016.

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