Bird Eye Drones – Helps Build World’s Third Largest Dam in Brazil

Story excerpt provided by DroneYard/Event 38.

Written by Chris Spradlin.

Brazil is building the world’s third largest hydroelectric dam on the Xingu River, a tributary of the Amazon. When complete in 2019, the Belo Monte Dam will generate 11,233 megawatts of electricity and distribute it throughout the country for both residential and commercial use. Brazil’s rapid economic growth over the last decade has created large demand for new sources of energy…

…Since construction began in 2011, a key consideration of the project has been the environmental impact to the Brazilian rainforest and social impact to 40,000 indigenous people living in the area. To monitor issues and help mitigate impacts, the government has contracted with BIOCEV, a Brazilian environmental services consultancy and Bird Eye Drone Services, a high tech drone services company. Together, the companies are using long endurance fixed wing drones provided by American company, Event 38 Unmanned Systems, to create aerial imagery and topographic surveys of the affected areas…

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Originally published April 17, 2016.

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