IT Collaboration in Ohio Spurs Innovation Like Nowhere Else

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Written by Ben Blanquera, VP Delivery and Experience for Columbus Collaboratory.

I came to central Ohio from Louisville in 1996 when Owens Corning in Granville acquired the startup company where I worked. I would not have guessed at the time that Ohio would become the best state in the nation to work and succeed in the information technology industry. But today I am convinced that it is.

Information technology, computer systems design, computer equipment manufacturing, software publishers and other information services contribute to a robust IT industry in Ohio.

Many of the customers of technology firms – financial services, consumer retail, food processing, healthcare, and manufacturing – are already in Ohio. Our state has a wide array of industries, an abundance of organizations and institutions already committed to pursuing advancements in this field and a rich history of innovation.

You will hear people like myself – transplants from one of the coasts – rave that Ohio has a great cost of living, and we do. I can enjoy a short commute, great schools and live in a 4,000-square-foot house for the amount it would cost me for a 400-square-foot apartment in San Francisco. That means I can spend more time with my family in a nice house in a neighborhood I love. I know Ohio is the place for me.

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Originally published December 17, 2015.

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