Virtual Wall: A High-Tech. Shopping Experience.

Virtual Wall, a full scale, touch-interactive shopping experience from Full Scale Virtual Research, LLC.

Virtual Wall, a full scale, touch-interactive shopping experience from Full Scale Virtual Research, LLC.

Written by John Milby, CEO, Full Scale Virtual Research, LLC.

The First Moment of Truth (FMOT) is the first 3-7 seconds after a shopper encounters a product on a store shelf. It is in these precious few seconds that marketers have the best chance of converting a browser into a buyer by appealing to their senses, values and emotions. FMOT is a critical concept to retailers. If you don’t win at the shelf, it’s GAME OVER!

Introducing the Virtual Wall, a full scale, touch-interactive shopping experience. Shoppers can shop at the shelf just as they would in the store, and can even compare products and review their purchases. Product researchers have instant access to shopper insights that they can use in their planning. This information can enable companies to compete with every other product offering in the category, and win.

Market research is always trying to get to the core of what drives a shopper to select a certain product. In a market research study, you have two sides: a consumer/shopper and the moderator of the study. The moderator’s job is to elicit a response from the consumer. The Virtual Wall software is designed to not only simulate shopping activity, but to also give the moderator an opportunity to pull in comparison products for a better understanding. Moderators can use “screen captures” from the virtual shopper wall to compile shopper activity, analyze results, and provide robust reporting.

Changes can be incorporated in just a few minutes to package and planogram designs, point-of-sale materials, and/or price points without changing the overall research design.

The Virtual Wall’s hardware technology was designed specifically to not become outdated – and in fact to exceed human capability. Screen resolution is higher than 20/20 vision and can perceive eight times that of HDTV. The computer speed provides screen change in the blink of an eye. Via touch-screen capability, shoppers can select, view, compare and purchase at the touch of their finger.

Dedicated to helping clients in their pursuit of “Winning at the Shelf” and reaching that First Moment Of Truth, Full Scale Virtual Research provides game-changing innovation and unequivocal leadership in shopper-based virtual shopping research. Full Scale Virtual Research partners with Various Views Research at 11353 Reed Hartman Highway, Cincinnati, Ohio 45241. John Milby, a 30-year research veteran and CEO of Full Scale, has been conducting virtual packaging research since 2000.

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