Carnegie Museum of Natural History unveils new dino discovery

Story excerpt provided by Trib Live.

Written by Michael Machosky.

There are many subtle gradations of excitement out there, from pennant-race baseball thrills to kid-on-Christmas-morning exhilaration.

Then there’s the excitement of paleontologists who discovered a complete titanosaur skull — and a new species of dinosaur…

…Martinez had the idea to do a CAT scan of the delicate skull and send the information to paleobiologist Lawrence Witmer of the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine in Athens, Ohio, one of the world’s experts in the skull anatomy of vertebrate animals. Witmer made a 3-D-printed replica of the skull (at the Ohio University Innovation Center), and another of its brain, created by measuring the skull cavity where the brain would have once been…

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Originally published April 26, 2016.

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