Precision Pro Golf Helping Improve Your Game

Written by Robert Leitch.

Golf may be an individual sport, but professional golfers have a lot of tools to help them play better — systems that analyze their form, caddies that offer advice and the best equipment money can buy. But for the amateur golfer, most of these are out of reach. Precision Pro Golf in Cincinnati, Ohio, is hoping to change that, giving amateur golfers the tools they need to improve their game.

One of Precision Pro Golf’s most popular products is a rangefinder technology that helps players determine how far they can hit a ball using a certain club. The newest version, the Nexus, can measure shots up to 400 yards and is accurate within one yard. The company also offers players the GPS Golf Band, a wearable device that identifies the location of the golfer on the course in relation to things like the green and bunkers so they can plan their next shot. The lightweight bands are preloaded with information on over 34,000 courses.

“With our product, you can measure how far your drive’s gone and how far it is to the hole. It gives perspective into choosing how to proceed in hitting a shot to the green,” said Precision Pro Golf co-founder, Clay Hood. “Using the rangefinder and the GPS wristband together can help golfers take their game to the next level.”

Before starting Precision Pro Golf, Hood was a golf instructor for ten years. He wanted to develop tools that a golfer could take with them on the course to make informed decisions while playing the game. He found that he could create a high-quality rangefinder at a competitive price, and began pre-selling them in the Spring of 2014.

Precision Pro Golf’s office is housed in the HCDC business incubator, a southwest Ohio partner of Ohio Third Frontier. The incubator provides access to entrepreneurial mentors who help companies navigate the initial steps of starting a business, and finding a direction to grow through marketing and connections with retailers. Precision Pro Golf won an internal contest, earning them the opportunity to present their technology to local investors and banks at HCDC’s first Business Showcase in February. Through the showcase, they made contacts at Huntington Bank, where they recently closed a funding round.

Precision Pro Golf now has five employees and is continuing to grow. Marketing and advertising is a major focus as the company builds the recognition and reputation of its products, featuring ads online and on the Golf Channel television network. They are also developing a new fitness product that Precision Pro Golf plans to release in the fall.

The company started in northern California and moved operations to Cincinnati in 2015 to take advantage to the entrepreneurial resources and lower operating costs. Hood says Ohio is also centrally located among many popular golf destinations, making it an ideal location for the business.

“The resources here have been hugely helpful, and the HCDC is one great example,” said Hood. “There’s a really strong support system for small, young companies in Cincinnati, and we’ve been able to take advantage of that to create a successful business.”

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