Clarivoy Unveils Proprietary Algorithm Used in Its TV Analytics Solution

Story excerpt provided by MarTech Advisor.

Written by Pranav Vadehra.

Columbus, Ohio: Clarivoy, a marketing technology company, announced the development of proprietary technology used in its TV Analytics product. The attribution method, called the Graph Model, revolutionizes and elevates current TV Analytics technology.

In recent years, marketers have called for more advanced TV measurement technologies aimed at uncovering the actual impact a TV ad has on driving leads and sales. Historically, advertisers relied on Nielsen data, which basically told them how many people in any given demographic were exposed to a TV ad. However, with the advertising accountability unleashed by digital advertising, marketers clamored to know more than just exposures; they wanted to know how their ads were influencing their target audiences and ultimately leading to in-store as well as online sales. In this way, TV measurement has evolved toward what the industry terms TV attribution.

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Originally published June 22, 2016.

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