CrossChx Helping Healthcare Deliver a Better Patient Experience

Written by Kelly Stincer.

Everyone knows the drill at a hospital or doctor’s office — you check in, answer a long list of health questions and then sit and wait to see the doctor. CrossChx in Columbus, Ohio, is making healthcare offices more efficient with Queue, a registration system that allows patients to sign in by providing basic information on a tablet device as soon as they walk through the door. Using Queue, patients monitor their wait time on in-lobby screens, and the medical staff can instantly identify each patient and the reason for their visit.

“We designed Queue to provide a consistent experience for every patient in the lobby,” said Josh Chaney, CrossChx communications manager. “Patients enter information securely. The entire process of signing in and seeing your doctor is streamlined and organized.”

Queue eliminates tedious steps for hospital registrars like transferring written information by hand or having to ask routine questions to each patient.  As a result, it cuts down wait times by an average of 25 percent. Healthcare staff no longer have to manually enter every patient’s information from a form because basics like date-of-birth, phone number and the reason for their visit are entered by the patient on a Queue tablet. The information is automatically stored, reducing mistakes and making it easy for administrators to identify each patient. If more detailed information is needed, a staff member can call them to the desk via the in-lobby display screen.

Before creating Queue, CrossChx developed software called SafeChx, which used biometric fingerprint scanners to create unique, global patient IDs. With SafeChx and now the addition of Queue, more than 50 million patient IDs have been created across the nation.

“When you change your name, address, phone number or any part of your identity, in many cases a new medical profile is created. This could result in care providers making decisions with inaccurate or incomplete information,” said Chaney. “We hope that someday every patient in the world will have their own unique global ID containing all of their health information, and use their ID to securely sign in to appointments.”

CrossChx received an investment from NCT Ventures, a central Ohio partner of Ohio Third Frontier, which was used to help the company expand distribution of Queue to additional hospitals. CrossChx products are now used in about 1,000 healthcare locations, and more than 7.5 million patients have used those products to check in for their appointments.


The company more than tripled its workforce in 2015, and has grown to around 120 employees. Chaney says CrossChx will continue to grow in Columbus, where they have the resources to develop the best technology, and the personnel and infrastructure to become a nationwide industry leader.


“It’s a thriving city that’s growing and expanding, and we want to be a part of that,” said Chaney. “We’re continually innovating and developing new solutions and features, and we’re getting great feedback from our customers. CrossChx will continue to use technology to balance the inequities in healthcare and deliver a better patient experience, and we’re happy to do so right here in central Ohio.”

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