Columbus Region Is Pioneering Healthcare IT Via Startups

Story excerpt provided by Health IT Outcomes.

Written by Christine Kern.

The Columbus, Ohio region is doing things right when it comes to pioneering healthcare IT and it could become a model for other communities to improve their services. The North American HIT market is expected to be worth $104 billion by 2020, providing an important niche for many communities to leverage for growth. And in a report commissioned by Columbus 2020, one executive declared, “Healthcare is just now embracing IT as the rest of the world knows it.”

Earlier this month, Columbus-based startup CrossChx announced that they had raised $15 million in Series C funding, bringing the company to $35 million in funding since 2012. CrossChx, which aims to simplify the way health information is recorded and accessed, produces Queue, which accurately captures patient data, finds errors, and verifies patient identities reducing medical mistakes and streamlining the process for both patients and medical professionals

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Originally published July 12, 2016.

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