LeBron James wants to endorse your business to promote ‘Cleveland Hustles’

Story excerpt provided by The Plain Dealer.

Written by Joe Vardon.

LeBron James is promoting his new CNBC TV show “Cleveland Hustles” by launching a new contest in which the winner gets his or her small business promoted by the Cavs superstar on social media.

The contest is called #PitchLeBronContest, and applicants are “are asked to submit videos that demonstrate why the social-media support from James would be especially meaningful for their business” – according to an announcement of the contest on CNBC’s website.

The videos, submitted via Twitter or Instagram, are to be 23-seconds long. If you don’t know why, then, well, maybe you’ve been working too hard on your small business. That’s James’ jersey number for the Cavs.

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Originally published August 10, 2016.

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