Discussion with Ryan Frederick, Advocate for i.c.stars

Blog excerpt provided by Rev1 Ventures.

Written by Tom Walker.

Rev1 followed up the Columbus launch of i.c.stars with a discussion with Ryan Frederick, advocate and catalyst for i.c.stars.

TW: I go to a lot of events that engage the entrepreneurial community here in Columbus. I can’t think of anything recently that’s been quite as inspiring as the i.c.stars kickoff.

RF: I actually got really emotional at the launch event; it wasn’t emotion of either sadness or happiness. As I thought about it later, it was because as I was looking at people in the audience, I was thinking how much this person or that person had helped. It was a feeling of gratitude and appreciation, of people grabbing the rope and pulling. I was almost overcome by the number of people who have helped—JPMorgan Chase, the Columbus Foundation, and of course, Rev1.

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Originally published August 19, 2016.

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