Apollo Medical Devices’ Innovative Blood Testing Platform Give Results In 5 Minutes

Story excerpt provided by Minds of Malady.

Written by Morten Bjørklund.

Diagnostic test results, including blood tests, inform of over 70 percent of medical decisions, and 50 percent of the information in the average medical chart comes from laboratory data. Although a blood test appear simple and straight forward, the actual diagnostic process is quite complex. It requires specialized equipment and technicians, and samples need to be prepared and results verified, requiring a trained lab professional. The complex process can delay medical decisions, and developing point-of-care diagnostics could reduce health care costs, make care more convenient and improve patient outcomes.

The Cleveland, Ohio-based startup Apollo Medical Devices is developing a blood testing technology that give results in five minutes from a single drop of blood. The test measures glucose levels and electrolyte levels, and the startup hopes to expand its technology to over 25 additional tests.

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