Assurex Health – Transforming Healthcare

Assurex Health in Mason, Ohio, helps doctors determine which treatments will work best for their patients with neuropsychiatric and other medical conditions. Their technology, called GeneSight, analyzes genetic factors that influence a person’s response to different drug treatments, licensed from cutting-edge research at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and The Mayo Clinic.

In August, Assurex Health announced it has been acquired by Myriad Genetics for $225 million, and an additional $185 million based on future performance-based milestones. This is one of the largest exits ever for a venture-backed company in southwest Ohio. Assurex Health has worked with several statewide partners of Ohio Third Frontier that contributed to its growth and success, including the Computational Medical Center: CCHMC, CincyTech, Queen City Angels, Blue Chip Ventures, CCHMC Tomorrow Fund, Ohio Tech Angel Fund and North Coast Angel Fund. Ohio-based Allos Ventures is also an investment partner in the company.

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