WebPresented Giving Sales Teams the Tools to Sell

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Written by Kelly Stincer.

A company’s success ultimately relies on selling a product. The more insight a sales team has on their customers, the more equipped they are to make a sale. These teams are often out on the road for day-to-day selling, and don’t have access on their mobile devices to data on their customers’ needs and purchasing patterns. WebPresented, in Columbus, Ohio, allows salespeople to access customer information and advanced tools in the field that help them predict when and how their customers will buy.  This allows them to focus their strategy and sell more efficiently.

“From day one, our platform is customized for each company and fully-integrated with their customers’ data so it can be used to its full potential,” said James Gerdes, president and CEO of WebPresented. “By having these connections in place, along with user-friendly features and interface, companies can streamline their sales process and increase revenue.”

Most of WebPresented’s customers are large wholesale distributors or manufacturers, and the system allows their sales teams to receive information at the click of a button, offering “actionable business intelligence.” These notifications translate what was once random data into useful information that a sales team can use to approach a customer. For example, if a repeat customer strays from their usual purchasing pattern, an alert is sent to the account manager to contact that customer. They can also keep track of departments within the company, vendors, customer communications, product lines and inventory.

Before starting a consulting firm, Gerdes worked for a large data company. He realized that existing platforms were lacking in predictive technology and mobility, so he hired a development team to build a customer management system from the ground up. This led to the formation of WebPresented, which is now used by about 15,000 account managers across North America.

WebPresented is housed within Rev1 Ventures’ business incubator, a central Ohio partner of Ohio Third Frontier. Mark Stamm, WebPresented’s COO, says being able to work with mentors and other startups has provided insight on issues faced by a growing company, such as recruiting talent and legal and accounting decisions.

“Having the help of the experienced entrepreneurs at Rev1 has helped us take care of tasks efficiently so we can focus on growing the business,” said Stamm. “The Columbus startup community has been valuable at every level of the company, from technology updates to human resources.”

Stamm says the tech talent coming from The Ohio State University and other area universities has allowed the company to build a team that continues to keep their product on the cutting-edge of technology. He says area organizations like the Columbus Collaboratory and Battelle are helping to make Columbus a nationally-recognized tech leader, and WebPresented is excited to be a part of it.

“I can’t say enough about the entrepreneurial community and the innovative ideas coming out of Ohio,” said Stamm. “It fosters this culture of innovation and hard work that we are happy to expose our employees to, and reflect in our products and services.”

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