Kare Intellex Handles Paperwork so Home Caregivers Can Focus on Patients

Written by Kelly Stincer.

Home health aides and nurses provide more than just medical care. They provide patients’ loved ones with peace of mind, and the patients themselves with the comfort and independence of remaining in their home. But lengthy timesheets, care documentation and insurance claims can take time and focus away from patients. Kare Intellex in Columbus, Ohio, developed a mobile platform that automates and simplifies all the necessary documentation for home health clinicians.

“Ten thousand baby boomers are retiring every day, and home healthcare is becoming more important and more complicated than ever,” said Hanad Duale, CEO of Kare Intellex. “There is a lot of paper shuffling between the clinician, the health care agency, the insurance companies and the patient. Our platform cuts down the time and number of steps in that process and takes care of documentation easily and efficiently, while keeping patient health information secure.”

Clinicians can access the Kare Intellex system on their smartphones and take care of paperwork with a few clicks so that they can focus on delivering the best care possible. Users first verify a patient, which gives them access to that patient’s medical records. Then they are able to chart care, record their time and enter insurance claims, each with the click of a “submit” button. The platform can also be used as a scheduling tool to book and keep track of appointments.

Healthcare is a field that’s close to home for Duale, with his wife working as a home care provider. After hearing about the challenges that she faced when treating patients and the tedious documentation process, he began building a solution. He spoke with several home health agencies to get feedback on their needs and the features they’d like to see built into the platform.

Rev1 Ventures and NCT Ventures, both partners of Ohio Third Frontier in central Ohio, led an early round of funding for Kare Intellex. Duale also worked with Rev1 to build a business plan and develop the technology and user interface. The company is housed within Rev1’s business incubator, where Duale and his six employees have access to expert mentors who help with everything from making connections with prospective customers to building the corporate and legal aspects of the company.

“Without the expertise of those at Rev1, a startup can have a lot of trouble when faced with tough business decisions,” said Duale. “Their advice helped us to build a strong base, which is crucial to future growth.”

Kare Intellex is working with several healthcare organizations in central Ohio as they finalize their platform and prepare to launch to customers. Duale says having a customer base in the area to provide feedback has been invaluable, and key to creating the best product possible.

“Listening to their challenges and difficulties has helped the platform come to fruition,” said Duale. “To also have resources in the area to help us take that feedback and really use it to build a business makes Columbus the perfect place for a healthcare startup.”

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